Top 10 Online Shopping Sites in Pakistan 2020

Top 10 Online Shopping Sites in Pakistan 2020

Top 10 Online Shopping Sites in Pakistan 2020

There are lots of Pakistani online shopping websites are running at the moment but did you know which is best for online shopping in Pakistan 2020. If no then read this article because I’ll tell Top 10 online shopping sites in Pakistan 2018.

Note: I’m sharing this list with my personal online shopping experience and this is not any kind of sponsor.

That means “jo likhon ga sach likhon ga”.

So let’s start it

This list is about Top 10 online shopping websites in Pakistan 2020.

The Things I considered in the selection of this list that is the Delivery time period, Price, Support, quality of products, and returns Policy.


Last but Not Least. I select this site for number 10 because their price rate is very high on most of the products and I think Price is one the major thing to consider at the time of buying products after quality.

But overall they also have lots of products and almost every category are there available. So I think once you must have to check this site.


Great Support but bad delivery service. Once I had ordered a product on and then they were delivered after 9 days and the second time when I had ordered on this site then they delivered my product after 5 days.

But the other things like product quality and support is very nice and the price is very also reasonable.

So if you want any product urgently then don’t go with it because they are doing very late but if you want cheap price products and Bachat then this site is very nice.


Very easy return policy and the price is also reasonable on most of the products. One of my best friends bought some products and they had a great experience.

There you can buy software, cameras, Laptops, IT devices, and the most considerable thing is that there you can also get some 24kt Gold Plated Products.

The thing I liked most about this site that is they have lots of different and unique products at a cheap price.

So if you want to buy some unique products and 24kt Gold plated products then must visit

7. Shop Hive

There are lots of different types of PCs and Laptops are available on Shop Hive and the best thing is that they also have Apple products. Their services are available all over Pakistan that’s mean they are very famous and have a big marketplace.

Shop Hive has almost every type of product from T-shirts to DSLR everything is available on Shop Hive. Their pricing is also normal, not so high and not so cheap. Shop Hive has also cash on delivery payment method and another good thing is that if you want anything very urgently then they will deliver your product in just 2 hours yes I’m not joking, and obviously, they make more money than the usual delivery.


They are doing well work on ads campaigns and but not only, They have also a huge range of different varieties and categories products.

All products are unique and trendy with cheap prices are available on Here you can buy KitchenWare, Cleaning Products, Medical equipment, T-shirts, Hoodies, etc at a cheap price not much but reasonable.

The thing I liked most about is that they have an easy return policy so don’t worry about defected products. But they don’t have a large variety of Mobile phones which is obviously its disadvantage.


An old website with a huge variety of products. is holding great sales and they also have Xiami’s products, Apple’s SmartWatches, DSLRs, and almost everything. This site is a very big site with great products.

Their best qualities are Fast Shipping with doorstep delivery all over Pakistan, Cash Payment on Delivery, and FREE 7 days replacement policy on all products from the day of delivery.

So everything is Pretty Good. If you want to buy gifts, Cameras, Cloths, or anything then at least once must visit


Best delivery service but less amount of products. This site is ordinary but the thing I liked most about that is they are providing a free delivery service all over Pakistan.

And another best thing is that there you can buy Google’s products like Google Home speakers etc. You can also buy Xiaomi’s Smart Phones, Powerbanks, Bluetooth HeadSets, and Mi bands.

There you can also buy Apple products, OnePlus Phones, Gaming Gears, Software, Printers, and scanners. That means It has all and everything. So at least once must Check it out.


A huge range of DSLR cameras with reasonable prices are available on Here you will get amazing discounts on electronics and other appliances. Here you can buy Graphics cards, Smartwatches, ONEPLUS mobiles, and a full range of T.V. and almost every popular brand’s products are available on such as Apple, HP, HTC, Intel, Sony, and Samsung, etc.

This site is also the most popular online shopping website in Pakistan. Alexa Rank of is 296 in Pakistan which is very significant.

Quality-wise this site is also very Excellent and the thing I liked most about this site is that they are providing 7 days warranty with a particular policy and 24-hour warranty is available on all products and their delivery service is also very nice and the support is also very good.


Best delivery system because this site has co-operated with TCS. So if you want to buy anything from then don’t worry about the delivery period. Best 24/7 support and safe payment methods and Cash on Delivery method is also available.

There you can get the best Toys for your kids at low prices. There you can also get Western wear dresses for both men and women.

Most Recommended Site for online shopping in Pakistan 2018


No doubts is Pakistan’s number one online shopping website but not comparable with Amazon even they also have lots of best and unique Products.

But is Pakistan’s Best online shopping website and I’m saying this with my personal experience.

If you don’t know how to buy anything from then Watch my this Video How to Buy online in Pakistan through

Why is Pakistan’s Best Online Shopping site

It has the best Beauty and Grooming products are available on at cheap prices. My Friend had a great experience with their Beauty And Grooming Products. So if you want any beauty products then must visit

It is the best online shop site in Pakistan because it has the best and wide range of Smart Phones. All the latest Mobiles are available on like there you can buy Xiaomi, Nokia, Huawei, and Samsung Products.

Best Gaming products and Consoles, Men’s and Women’s Fashions, Beauty and Health, Cameras, and almost everything are available on

So, guys, these are the Top 10 online shopping sites in Pakistan 2018

But besides these sites, there are many online shopping websites that are running in Pakistan, which I have not added to this list.

Like, etc

So how you can check that those sites are not cheaters and good for online shopping. 

There are three major facts that you need to consider before buying anything from online websites.

1. Check Their Alexa Rank

First of all, you need to know about What is Alexa ranking?

In short, Alexa Rank is a rough measurement of a website’s popularity as compared with all other websites on the Internet. According to Google is at number 1 position in the world and YouTube is at number 2 and Facebook is at number 3 all over the world and as well as in Pakistan. is at Number 7 in Pakistan. And you can also check all website’s Alexa ranking via

2. Check Their Reviews

Almost every online shopping sites have a review section below every single product where customers are giving their reviews about that product. So always try to read product reviews before buying any product. This will help you to know how the product is.

And Always try to give reviews whenever you bought anything online. It will help others to choose the best product.

3. Take Reviews From Your Friends

The best way to find the best thing is, always take advice from your friends.

And Guys, If you ever had any bad or Good online shopping experience then must share it with me in the comment section. I’m always waiting for your Feedback.

So I hope that now you are ready for online shopping in Pakistan. If you know more Pakistani online shopping websites then feel free to tell us in the comment section. And if you like this article then must share with your friends and help him or her in choosing Best online shopping website in Pakistan.


Things To consider before and after online shopping. 

  1. Always choose Cash on delivery payment method but if you want any other method then it is also good.
  2. Always read site policies because it will help you.
  3. Always read people’s reviews about products before ordering.
  4. Put Address carefully.
  5. Put a real and active phone number.
  6. Always save your order Tracking Code it will help you in complaining.
  7. Please review it whenever you make shopping online.

Best of luck in Online shopping in Pakistan 2020.

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